A University of Canberra survey of people in rural and regional communities

For the most part, the blog is reserved for things about NGT and what we are up to – however during the week, I received an email from a colleague at my old workplace (thanks Callena!) that caught my interest.

A University of Canberra survey that will help us collectively understand more about the well being of the people (that is us!) that make up the regional communities we live in – a good idea, given the range of issues that can impact on people in rural areas.

If you would like to confidentially share your perspective, then please have a read of the explanatory information below and follow the link to the survey website…

Take part in the Regionalwellbeing survey and help us produce information for your community.

Tell us about your wellbeing and your community, for a chance to win one of 9 prizes worth a total of $7,000.

We want to hear from you – whether you’re a farmer, live in a rural town or a regional city. It will take 30 minutes and produce information your community can use.

Results will be produced for every community in which we receive 100 or more responses, and made freely available. Participation is voluntary and completely confidential and anonymous