ABC South East helps NGT share the good news about Eaglehawk Waterhole

Last Tuesday, Cath and I caught up with Kate Hill from ABC South East up at Eaglehawk Waterhole to talk about the purchase of the property and some of NGT’s other current projects.

Cath being interviewed by Kate Hill about her current bat survey work in the Bangham district

As a result of her visit, Kate has already posted a nice little peice on the ABC SE website, which can be viewed by clicking here. A pdf of the article can also be seen here: Project regenerate_ Eaglehawk Waterhole returned to nature – ABC South East SA.

I followed up the site visit by dropping in to have a chat to Stan Thomson, who hosts the mornings program for ABC South East. The short interview we recorded was played on Thursday the 24th January. If you missed it and would like to hear the audio, the mp3 file can be listened to our downloaded by following this link: ABC SE Eaglehawk Waterhole Interview with Mark – 24-01-2014.

The level of interest in the project so far has been fantastic – so thanks to the ABC for helping us to share the positive news with the region!

The first part of the ABC on-line article about Eaglehawk Waterhole