Author: Bryan Haywood

23 Jun 2017 Southern Brown Bandicoots are now on the radar

Well it was this time last year (in 2016) that we reported on how the third 'once in a decade' digging abundance survey for the Southern Brown Bandicoot was back underway. Through the Restoring Under-represented Ecological Communities project, NGT ended up completing the survey in 2016...

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09 Jan 2017 Eaglehawk Waterhole restoration update – covering all the big news from late 2016

Humble apologies for not providing an update before now. Burning the candle at both ends and all that!!! Please enjoy a short summary of the people and activities of Eaglehawk Waterhole Restoration Reserve over the last few months to the end of 2016. Water, wetlands, and wildflowers It was a...

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27 Nov 2016 Roofing tiles are working a treat for finding rare reptiles

The annual monitoring event for the South Australian population of Eared Worm-lizards was recently undertaken at Furner forest, north of Millicent in the lower South East. The Eared Worm Lizard or Aprasia aurita, only discovered in South Australia in 1997, is a species of legless...

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