Author: Bryan Haywood

08 Sep 2017 Managing water on the flats at Eaglehawk Waterhole – a different kind of wetland restoration

Thanks to the wet spring last year, we finally saw NGT's Eaglehawk Waterhole (our restoration reserve in the Upper South East), back to looking at its best - with large areas of shallow seasonal wetland inundating the SA blue gum and buloke woodland flats for the first...

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20 Aug 2017 Big Malleefowl news from Desert Camp!

Prepared by Samantha Rothe (31st July 2017) After some discussion on the lack of mound activity/observations of Malleefowl in Desert Camp Conservation Reserve in recent years, it was considered necessary to seek some one-on-one discussions with landholders to establish the extent of this bird's decline, so...

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23 Jun 2017 Southern Brown Bandicoots are now on the radar

Well it was this time last year (in 2016) that we reported on how the third 'once in a decade' digging abundance survey for the Southern Brown Bandicoot was back underway. Through the Restoring Under-represented Ecological Communities project, NGT ended up completing the survey in 2016...

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