Dwarf Galaxias

23 Jul 2016 What do dwarf galaxias, orchids and woodland birds have in common?

They're a few of the fascinating things to be found at our Maam Water Reserve project site, just out of Warrnambool! [caption id="attachment_15334" align="alignright" width="420"] Dwarf galaxias (Galaxiella pusillla) (image: M. Hammer)[/caption] Things have been steadily ticking along over the last few months at this small wetland reserve...

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28 Jun 2016 Permanent pools along the Wannon River provide critical refuge through the tough times

Back in April, Liam and I spent a week exploring the southern Grampians in search of permanent pools along the Wannon River to identity key drought refuge sites (permanent pools) for native aquatic species. These surveys were part of a wider project (generously funded by the Victorian...

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