Photo of the Week

14 Feb 2018 Photo of the week – Orchid Dupe Wasp on a Basalt Leek-orchid

Like many of the plant species remaining on the Victorian Volcanic Plain, the endangered Basalt Leek-orchid (Prasophyllum viretrum) is threatened by clearance, fragmentation and degradation of habitat. Despite this, it's hanging in at a handful of grassland sites near Warrnambool and can be seen flowering en...

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20 Sep 2016 Photo of the week – Juvenile Long-necked Turtle, near Brady Swamp

Special thanks to Todd Burger from Glenthompson for sending this fantastic snap of a juvenile Eastern Long-necked Turtle, found on the road near Brady Swamp. [caption id="attachment_26434" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Eastern Long-necked Turtle. Photo by Todd Burger[/caption] And just in case you are wondering just how big this cute...

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