Southern Brown Bandicoot

29 Oct 2017 On the lookout for the Southern Brown Bandicoot near Lucindale

The Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus obesulus) is a medium-sized, ground dwelling marsupial mammal, which was once common in south-eastern Australia. As a result of the cumulative impacts of habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, altered fire regimes, and introduced predators, the species is listed as Endangered nationally. However,...

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23 Jun 2017 Southern Brown Bandicoots are now on the radar

Well it was this time last year (in 2016) that we reported on how the third 'once in a decade' digging abundance survey for the Southern Brown Bandicoot was back underway. Through the Restoring Under-represented Ecological Communities project, NGT ended up completing the survey in 2016...

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MHS_Honan_13_6 (27)

23 Jun 2017 Creating a highway of a different kind: connecting our patches of remnant woodland

Students from Millicent High School and Newbery Park Primary School have started to transform the Honan to Woolwash wildlife corridor into what might one day become a 'bandicoot highway'! [caption id="attachment_27827" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Millicent High School students listening to planting instructions[/caption] The ForestrySA Biodiversity Corridor School Program’s aim...

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