Wetland Restoration on Private Land

19 Jan 2018 Another great example of “just add water” – Scale Swamp, near Dunkeld, SW Victoria

[caption id="attachment_28775" align="alignleft" width="861"] Scale Swamp - December 2017[/caption] Scale Swamp is another great demonstration of the benefits of restoring hydrology to drained wetlands.  This 100 hectare swamp to the south of Dunkeld has a long-term history of drainage for grazing and low-intensity cropping.  In 2013,...

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30 Aug 2016 Update on southern Grampians restored wetlands – the flows have arrived!

Last week I took the opportunity to check back in on some of the restoration sites we have been working on around the southern Grampians, and I have some good news! Let's start the journey a bit further east, and up the Bunnugal drain, to one...

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20 Nov 2015 Summing up the very successful “What’s Sleeping in Your Swamp?” wetland field day

Last Friday, the 13th November 2015, about 20 people from took part in our workshop entitled What's Sleeping in Your Swamp? Attendees came from a wide range of backgrounds, and many groups and organisations were represented including Parks Vic, Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority, Friends...

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