CrossBorder – an arts exhibition celebrating the significance of wetlands – this Friday, 7th October

As the Mount Burr Swamp campaign approaches its finale, Nature Glenelg Trust and 21 artists from both sides of the South Australian / Victorian border have teamed up to present an art exhibition, CrossBorder: the Significance of Wetlands. This one night only event highlights the importance of our region’s wetlands through the eye of an artist, inspired by Nature Glenelg Trust’s achievement of purchasing a wetland for restoration.

Artists from across NGT’s focal range will present work from a range of media, including sculptural, photographic, textile, print, paintings and mixed media.  From crochet galaxias, monumental wetlands and quiet small prints, this exhibition will inspire attendees to think about the significance of wetlands and the undeniable role they play in maintaining our regional backyard.

The artists and their artworks demonstrate a deep respect for the values of our wetlands and one that obviously resonates throughout our local community.

Megan Nicolson, curator and organiser of the show sums it up well:

“Art can play a wonderful role in communicating environmental issues.  Like a scientist, an artist develops theories, hypothesises and tests out their visual language when exploring a subject.  For me, I really love the parallel experience of exhibiting work in support of a group of scientists who have so passionately pushed to make their story a reality.  This exhibition is particularly exciting, as not only are 21 artists coming together with the shared aim of communicating this important focus, but we all come from different places and have different stories to share.  And at the same time, with the collective aim of sharing such a significant story, just why it is important that we have and value wetlands.”

Works displayed in the exhibition will be available for purchase, with a proportion of sales going toward the Mount Burr Swamp Restoration Fund.

The exhibition is being held at Joann Fife’s Chapel Studio, 146 Suttontown Rd, Mount Gambier and kicks off at 7pm – see the flyer below.


And just to whet your appetite, below are some samples from the show.

Mapping the waters #17 (detail) - Carmel Wallace

Mapping the waters #17 (detail)  – Carmel Wallace

Little galaxias tea cosie - Trevor Smith

Little galaxias tea cosie – Trevor Smith

Brolgas in the fog - Margaret Smith

Brolgas in the fog – Margaret Smith

Julia Reader

Brolga blue (detail) – Julia Reader

Endangered wetland fauna - Bianca Richardson

We’re all in this together (detail) – Bianca Richardson

Beautiful pests 1 - Andrea Radley

Beautiful pests 1 – Andrea Radley