Gooseneck Swamp restoration trial – October update

With water continuing to trickle in from the Wannon River, water levels at Gooseneck Swamp remain fairly stable, with the gauge board on site only showing a minor decline in depth in the past month. The most recent visit (by Bryan Haywood and Steve Clark) on the 12th October 2013, recorded a water level upstream of the trial weir of 67cm.

Day 17 (12th September 2013): 68cm

Day 37 (2nd October 2013): 68cm

Day 47 (12th October 2013): 67cm
(Photo: Bryan Haywood)

This most recent visit marked the first of what will hopefully be several semi-regular surveys over the coming months, to record waterbird use of the site in response to the restoration trial. The largest numbers of any species observed during the last visit were 125 black swans – but the most interesting was a surprise observation of a tiger snake in the water!

Swimming Tiger Snake at Gooseneck Swamp
(Photo: Bryan Haywood)