Gooseneck Swamp Restoration Trial – Summary Report Available for Download

For those of you that have followed the progress of the Gooseneck Swamp Restoration Trial over the past 12 months, I am pleased to be able to provide you with a copy of the final summary report.

The pdf of the report can be downloaded here: NGT Gooseneck Swamp Restoration Trial 2013 Project Report.

We are extremely grateful to the DEPI Communities for Nature grant program, and our project partners, the Hamilton Field Naturalists Club, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Parks Victoria and private neighbouring landholders, for their generous support throughout.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone in the community that also played a part in the project – whether that be filling sandbags back in August, helping with site monitoring over the spring and summer or coming along to the open day in December – the project wouldn’t have been such a great success without you!

The cover of the Gooseneck Swamp Restoration Trial Report