Gooseneck Swamp update – the long wait for Wannon River flows continues…

Just in case you were wondering how dry it was in 2015, last year was the first time that some long-term locals we’ve spoken to recall not seeing Wannon River flows reach Gooseneck and Brady Swamps, at the south-eastern corner of the Grampians National Park. Given that permanent restoration works were completed in time for winter last year – this was just a tad disappointing, to say the least!

However after some good breaking rains in May, we are hoping that this year will be a different story. Given the time it takes for water to make its way down the Wannon, filling the tea-tree floodplain as it leaves the Grampians, flows are a while off yet – and despite the good start, we still need a lot more rain.

This is the current view out at Gooseneck Swamp – noting that the low cloud is blocking the view of the mountains. Although out of view of this image, the vegetation that fringes the swamp is showing some signs of moisture stress as a result of the site missing out on a proper drink last year, so the Wannon can’t flow soon enough!

Gooseneck Swamp - 3rd June 2016

Gooseneck Swamp – 3rd June 2016

And just to remind you how it will hopefully look later this year, this is the same view during the first year of the restoration trial in 2013:

Gooseneck Swamp - 12th September 2013

Gooseneck Swamp – 12th September 2013

Here’s hoping for a wet winter ahead!