Invitation to Supper & the Launch of the Friends of the Cross-Border Community Nursery, plus a Workshop with Kevin Handreck

Nature Glenelg Trust would like to invite interested community members to a light supper and launch of the Friends of Cross- Border & Community Nursery on Wednesday 18th December. Commencing at 6:30 pm, the supper and launch will be followed by a Workshop hosted by the renowned horticultural scientist and author Kevin Handreck from 7 pm to 9 pm. Kevin is author of the classic bestselling Gardening Down Under & the Horticulturalists ‘bible’ Growing Media for ornamental plants & turf.

The NGT Cross-Border Nursery focuses mostly on difficult to propagate species so we’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in learning and developing skills in this area. Perhaps you already have skills and knowledge of how to grow certain difficult species, and would like to share this knowledge with us. We are also planning on setting up a Community Native Plant Herbarium and welcome people interested in helping us set up and maintain this Herbarium.

The cross-border community nursery is inviting the public to become involved in a “Friends Group” to help us work with and learn about hard-to-propagate native plants.

Kevin Handreck Workshop 

Kevin’s Workshop will provide a first class introduction into how to make composts and potting mixes that will have your plants thriving, as well as helping you sort the facts from fiction regarding worm castings and Vermipost. Kevin will also describe the best way to avoid plant diseases in nursery environments.

Future Workshops

Kevin Handreck’s Workshop is the first of many led by horticultural and botanical experts that Nature Glenelg Trust plans to hold at the Cross-Border Nursery.

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