Narrawong Primary help out their neighbours… (frogs, bandicoots and birds!)

Narrawong P.S. planting days

Early in June, budding green thumbs from Narrawong Primary School helped to plant more than 400 native trees and shrubs at the Narrawong Swamp (south of East Street), alongside ecologists from Nature Glenelg Trust.

The swamp has a history of slashing and grazing, but after slashing was removed, it’s now on the mend with plenty of native reeds growing. The new plants went in near shrubs planted by Narrawong PS students in 2009, and included species such as Woolly Tea-tree, Scented Paperbark, Tall Sedge and Slender Honey-myrtle. Students also drew some fantastic decorations on tree guards using what they learned in classroom sessions – great to see lots of creative kids with their minds on their local wetland!

As the students learned, wetlands like the Narrawong Swamp provide food and shelter for our native animals such as Southern Brown Bandicoots and Striped Marsh-frogs. They also filter water and help to protect our coastline and houses from erosion and floods. There’s so many reasons to look after and restore them, so thanks again to the students for helping out their neighbours (of the frog, bird and bandicoot variety) – and the plan is to get out there again in future years to continue the work!

Lauren and Jonathan

Fun in the dirt at Narrawong Swamp

Junior ecologists at work