20 Apr 2018 Revisiting the RRR Conference – Part 1 – Unlocking the self-sustaining restoration potential of drained wetlands

Back in February 2017, I went along to one of the most interesting and - given NGT's focus on restoration science and practice - most relevant conferences I have ever attended. The Restore, Regenerate, Revegetate  (RRR) Conference in Armidale was a fantastic opportunity to rub shoulders...

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25 Mar 2018 Part 7: The Lake Momboeng Naming Story – Does a tantalising clue reveal a deeper mystery about our local Indigenous languages?

In the previous blog of this series (Part 6), we finally uncovered how the Lang Brothers wanted their run named in 1848. As we explored in Part 4, Gideon Lang paid more attention to the language and activities of the Indigenous people he encountered than many...

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