Photo of the week – March 13 – Sword-grass Brown butterfly at Kangaroo Flat, SA

Sword-grass Brown butterfly, SA (Photo: B. Haywood)

The regionally rare Sword-grass Brown butterfly (Tisiphone abeona, pronounced ‘Ti-sif-any’) is found throughout the coastal sedgelands of the lower south-east of SA, and as far inland as Whennen NFR in the Mt Burr Range.

The caterpillars feed almost exclusively on Gahnia clarkei and the butterfly flies from November to February in our part of the country. There are a number of sub-species and they occur across a large part of Australia – as far west as Lake St Clair Conservation Park in the south-east of SA, through Victoria, and up the east coast to south-east Queensland. However, you won’t find them in Tassie!

Text by Bryan Haywood.

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