Recent owl night a “hoot”

Recently, on 29th April 2016, NGT hosted nocturnal bird specialist, Ed McNabb, at an event titled Cork and Hoot – where all attendees had a hoot!

A light supper was served as members of the public arrived, and attendees had a chance to sample the delicious red wines of St Mary’s Vineyard, and catch up with other birdos of the region.

Bryan introducing Ed to a full house

Bryan introducing Ed to a full house

Nearly 50 members of the public turned out to hear from Ed about the owls of southern Australia, and attendees were particularly delighted with Ed’s recordings the birds’ calls, as well as magnificent photos.

Call playback is an important tool in surveying an area for owls, and one which we will be employing over the coming weeks and months as we conduct barking owl surveys in the Wattle Range region. The surveys will involve heading to specific sites, playing the calls, listening and recording any responses, and spotlighting. If you would like to be involved in the surveys, please contact us on the office number (08) 8798 8596, or get in touch with Bryan on his email ().

Thanks to all those who attended, and a special thanks to Toni for the wonderful catering, St Mary’s Vineyard, and to Ed.

collage - cork and hoot