Register now to attend a cross-border restoration and revegetation forum in Hamilton on the 22nd October

Dr Linda Broadhurst, a Research Scientist with the CSIRO, will be a keynote speaker at NGT’s “Sowing the Seeds of Success” Forum in Hamilton on the 22nd of October.

For more than a decade Dr Broadhurst’s research has focused on how vegetation fragmentation is influencing ecological and genetic processes that contribute to the long term persistence of remnant native plant populations in south-eastern Australia. This research is helping to improve the conservation and management of remnant vegetation, particularly in agricultural landscapes.

At the NGT Seed Forum, Dr Broadhurst will examine some of the major genetic issues underpinning selecting seed for restoration, review our track record in restoring genetic diversity and discuss how we can use this information to improve restoration.  Of major importance in the rebuilding of Australia’s degraded vegetation systems is ensuring that these have the adaptive capacity to cope with the major environmental challenges expected over the coming decades. Linda’s research reveals that small plant populations, which often characterise highly fragmented landscapes, often suffer from inbreeding effects that limit both the quality and quantity of seed available for restoration.

Other speakers at this Forum will include Jeff Jeanes, a Botanist with the Victorian Conservation Seedbank, Neville Bonney, a highly experienced seed collector and bush regenerator, and Jess Gardner and Doug Philips from Greening Australia.

For further information about the forum please download the pdf flyer (Seeds of Success), or contact Ken Baker on 0437 597 685 or email

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Sowing the Seeds of Success Forum – program