Revisiting Long Swamp – the 1953 Glenelg River Angling Club working bee at Nobles Rocks

In  previous blog (see here), we looked at some of the interesting oral history of Long Swamp and a newspaper article from 1953, when the Glenelg River Angling Club began to take an interest in the Nobles Rocks outlet.

Here is the Border Watch article from the 10th of September 1953, written by “Sinker”, as presented in the previous blog:

The Glenelg River Angling Club forming plans to block the two artificial outlets from Long Swamp. Border Watch, 10th of September 1953.

So what happened next?

By October of 1953, the plans for the works were formally coming together:

A working bee is arranged to block the Nobles Rocks outlet: Border Watch, 27th of October 1953

Then finally, an account of the working bee appeared in the Border Watch in December 1953:

The report on the failed attempt to block the Nobles Rocks outlet – Border Watch, 24th of December 1953.

The decision of the Angling Club to abandon plans at Nobles Rocks was confirmed in a Border Watch article in August of 1954:

The project is formally abandoned by the Glenelg River Angling Club. Border Watch, 24th of August 1954.

This closed the first interesting chapter of efforts to undertake works at Nobles Rocks.

But as locals may know, this was not the end of the story. A future blog will revisit a later attempt to block the outlets at White Sands and Nobles Rocks undertaken in the 1970’s.

An oblique view from the air – looking east over Long Swamp from Lake Mombeong (Bung Bung) to the Glenelg River Mouth at Nelson