Site conditions improve in the lead-up to Phase 3 of the Restoration Trial at Nobles Rocks

The dry weather and the small breach we made in the Phase 1 trial structure a couple of weeks ago are working together nicely – with the channel at Nobles Rocks drying down rapidly, which should (subject to the weather continuing to do the right thing by us) make access for installing the next phase of the trial feasible in March.

We have a bit of planning to go and still have to keep a close watch on the site over the next couple of weeks, but will hopefully be able to update you on the next steps of the trial soon.

The three images below show how the channel upstream of the Phase 1 structure went from holding 80cm of water before the structure was breached on the 2nd of February, to 40cm deep shortly after, to now holding only 20cm of still water.

The Phase 1 Structure – still holding up 80cm of water on the 2nd Feb 2015

The minor breach in the Phase 1 trial structure, required to ready the site for upstream works this autumn – with levels rapidly falling to 40cm deep later on the 2nd of February.

The Phase 1 Structure – drying down, with 20cm depth of still water upstream on the 19th Feb 2015