Start to the Little Penguin Monitoring Season at Middle Island welcomes guests from the Mediterranean

Spring is well and truly upon us, and it brings extra daylight, sunny weather, and the start of the Little Penguin Monitoring for the 2013-14 season!

Many volunteers probably wouldn’t recognise Middle Island and Stingray Bay in the photo below from this Tuesday evening…what a low tide, barely enough to get your ankles wet!! This was definitely a stark contrast to the crossing faced by a small number of trusted volunteers, who accompanied a  film crew from Italy over a few weeks ago.

Low Tide at Middle Island

This was a welcome visit, with Erebus Productions making the long journey across to create a feature story about the Little Penguins and their guardians – the maremma dogs. This company produces popular reports and documentaries on nature, science and culture. We will keep you updated on details of the story release!

If you are ready to get your ankles (at least) wet yourself, and come out to help us with the fortnightly Little Penguin arrival counts, please contact me at . You can view a pdf  of the Volunteer-Guide_2013-14. This has details about the arrival count, what to expect, and what to bring. The full season count schedule is also included. The next count scheduled is for Wednesday 20th November, 8pm.

Hope to catch up with some readers soon!