The Discovery Bay Dunes – An interesting article from 1978

When Lachlan and I were in Hamilton recently to catch up with a few different people at the Glenelg Hopkins CMA office, Stephen Ryan pointed out a couple of old photos and an article that had turned up in a recent clean-up.

Being a bit of a history fan, I managed to get a scanned copy, and thought it would be worth sharing here. The article tells an interesting story about coastal change and the impact of past dune stabilisation programs in the vicinity of the Bridgewater Lakes, a little further south-east along the Discovery Bay Coast from Long Swamp – a site where we are also very interested in learning about past and current environmental change.

If anyone has any similar material that tells the story of environmental change from across the region that you would be happy to share, please feel free to send or email a copy through.

To see the article more closely, please click on the images below…

Country Bulletin April 1978 Article – Part 1


Country Bulletin April 1978 Article – Part 2


Country Bulletin April 1978 Article – Part 3