The latest edition of Wetland Link – featuring recent NGT work at Brady Swamp

The latest edition of Wetland Link – a wetland focussed e-newsletter produced by Wetland Care Australia – featured a link to NGT’s recent revegetation works on the reinstated banks of Brady and Gooseneck Swamps. A big thanks to Wetland Link for giving this highly successful project in the southern Grampians a mention!

Very dedicated – and muddy – tree planters at the reinstated bank (former drain outlet) from Brady Swamp

Needless to say, it is great to be able to compare notes with other organisations working on wetlands in Australia, and I’ll get a further chance to do just that when I get the opportunity to present the full story of the Brady Swamp project next month, on the final afternoon of the International River Symposium in Brisbane. For the current version of the conference speaker program, pleaseĀ see this link.