The Walker Swamp fundraiser passes the $100,000 mark!

Since our community event out at Walker Swamp took place back in September, our focus has shifted to planning for a busy period of on-ground restoration works through the autumn next year.

But in the background, our fundraiser is still quietly ticking along and a number of people and groups have very generously continued to chip in towards helping ensure that we don’t carry a long-term deficit on the land purchase costs associated with the project.

And so… I am proud to announce that after a couple of further donations in the past week, we have finally passed the $100,000 mark – a big achievement and a great team effort!

and the live tally is…

$101,840.00 / $150,000.00

We’ll continue to keep the fundraiser open until we’re eventually able to cover the remaining costs associated with the land purchase (now under $50,000), so if you’d like to chip in, please hit the link below!

And check out the photo below for the latest view over the interim restored water level in Walker Swamp, where a pair of Brolga have been spotted regularly in recent weeks!

Walker Swamp in October 2018, showing aquatic native vegetation starting to emerge. Photo: Mark Bachmann

Mark Bachmann
Mark Bachmann