Wanted! An old bath and other items to kick start the Community Nursery

Here’s an opportunity for you to have a spring clean, get rid of some unwanted things and contribute to kitting out the Cross-border Community Nursery site at Mount Gambier so we can grow a few plants this season. The items we’re chasing are:

  • An old bath (used to wash and reuse plant pots/trays)
  • An old broken fridge preferably that still has its seals intact (but certainly doesn’t matter if they’re not!). If the fridge is working that doesn’t matter either.
  • Old larger cement bricks/bessemer blocks or limestone blocks
  • Unwanted gates, which will sit on the bricks to provide growing benches for this first year.
  • Unwanted shade cloth, to help keep the plants stay happy and healthy over summer.

I’ll be sorting out scoria/gravel to ensure we have a good ground surface, a watering system, plant and seedling trays, growing mix and other bits and pieces this upcoming month.

If you or someone you know can help us out in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or mobile: 0409 842 471.



An old bath being used to sterilise and reuse pots