Watch and experience the lives of the Little Penguins at Middle Island – over the internet!

Live footage of little penguins on Middle island is being streamlined over the!

‘Wildiaries’ is an organisation with a focus on connecting people with nature – through technology. Wildiaries have developed a social media platform that allows people from all over the globe to share photos, stories and videos of nature and travel. Wildiaries has partnered with Coastalwatch and the Warrnambool Council to provide live camera feeds from some of the little penguin’s nest boxes at Middle Island. You can watch footage, follow and add comments through facebook and twitter from the Wildiaries website

Snap-shot of the Little Penguin footage from a nest box on Middle Island

Have a look before the penguins finish up their breeding parents as they return from the open water at dusk to feed and care for their young. See chicks as they muck around during the day, and even be lucky enough to see an egg hatch! A fantastic way to experience the little penguins!

ABC catalyst will also be presenting their story on the Middle Island Little Penguins and the Maremma Project on the 7th March so if you can, have a look.