Wetland restoration on private land underway in time for winter 2013

Over recent weeks, Lachie and Dan have been busy getting Nature Glenelg Trust’s wetland restoration program underway at a small number of sites on private land in time for the coming winter.

One of these locations, on a farm at Cashmore near Portland, featured in the Portland Observer this week – please click on the article below to enlarge it for reading.

Portland Observer 19th June 2013 – Keiller Wetland Restoration Trial

The majority of wetland restoration sites being investigated by the project are currently budgeted for works to occur next financial year, but as this means letting another rainy season slip by, we were also keen to get a few small sites and trial areas underway in time for winter this year.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll present you with a series of case studies to illustrate what has been involved at the early works sites to officially mark the beginning of our 5 year program to return water to drained swamps in the South East of SA and south western Victoria.

I’m sure you would agree – this project has some exciting times ahead!