A big thank you to our volunteers and supporters in 2022

Our volunteers make a huge difference to the amount and scale of work we are able to achieve here at NGT. As we work across a large geographical area of Australia, our volunteers are involved in a diverse range of tasks with us. With the help of good humoured, knowledgeable, and generous people, here is just a small snapshot of what you have helped us achieve this year!

In addition to those people who can physically get out and get their hands dirty with us, we’d also like to acknowledge our supporters who have contributed in other ways. This year we have had invaluable support in the form of secondhand fencing materials, the use of borrowed machinery and equipment, sharing of expert knowledge, and of course generous financial support.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this year.  We have loved working with you, and truly appreciate and acknowledge the time and resources you have given to help with our projects.  We look forward to seeing you out in the bush sometime soon!

Rose Thompson