Community day shows positive signs for river blackfish

Community day shows positive signs for river blackfish

NGT”s Craig Kemp showing community members the fish

A community field day – organised and funded by the Goolwa to Wellington LAP (GWLAP) as part of a broader Biodiversity Fund restoration project – on the weekend assessed the status of river blackfish in Rodwell Creek prior to the upcoming critical summer period. The creek is presently flowing and the main monitoring pool is in good condition – similar to this time last year. Encouragingly, river blackfish were sampled in low numbers across five of the six known pools indicating small-scale dispersal during improved water connectivity over winter. The majority of adults were in strong breeding condition and there was a number of juveniles suggesting a small recruitment event this time last year.  The upstream refuge location had also improved and greater numbers of adults and juveniles (again highlighting recent recruitment) sampled.

All in all, a positive result and a great day but again the resilience of this important river blackfish population will be tested over the upcoming critical summer period (see Conservation of River Blackfish in Rodwell Creek for details of previous fish conservation efforts and for more information on the broader restoration project.

Thanks to Sherie Bain (GWLAP), Beryl and Jim Belford and community members that attended the field day.

Nick Whiterod