Welcome to the cross-border environmental events calendar for South East SA and South West Victoria!

On this page you’ll find links to our quarterly environmental events calendar to help you find out about what’s happening in your region.  There are so many great groups and organisations hosting a range of activities throughout the South East of SA and Victoria’s South West, and we wanted to help spread the word about the opportunities on offer. Working bees, talks, outings, monitoring, training, field days, art exhibitions….you name it, it’s happening in our region.

Autumn 2015

The new Autumn cross-border community environmental calendar is now available!  Check out the images below for what going to be happening in your region as the weather heats up – whether you’re interested in open days, workshops, birding outings, working bees or dog’s breakfasts at the beach(!), there’s bound to be something for you!

Take a look at the latest calendar here 2015_Autumn-Environmental-Events (0.3Mb)

bell-frog-2-Copy-150x150 (1)Does your group/organisation have an upcoming event over the SUMMER months (Dec, Jan, Feb)? Contact the NGT team by FRI 31 OCTOBER 2014 for your event to be included in the next calendar.

The 2014 Biodiversity ‘Up Close’ events

NGT along with a host of partners brings you the Biodiversity ‘Up Close’ events – a series of walks, talks and opportunities for you and the family to meet the experts and learn about the amazing things nature offers across the South East of South Australia and Victoria’s South West. Visit the Up Close page here for more details!


  • Useful insights from a peatland restoration story in the UK 27/02/2024
    Further to the story about peatlands I shared in last month’s newsletter, a video was shared with me last week, which provides interesting insights into an example of peatland restoration in the UK. You can watch the 12 minute video below. For me, this story highlights how the issues confronting peatlands are global: the reasons for ...
  • Rare King Penguin sighting on the mainland attracts plenty of attention! 27/02/2024
    Occasionally we get an unexpected maritime visitor to Australia’s shores of the feathered kind. The King Penguin, which normally spends its time frequenting the sub-Antarctic oceans and islands, is one such species that you don’t normally expect to see on the beaches of mainland Australia! This recent visitor turned up late last month on the rugged ...
  • Brolga once again flocking back to Green Swamp! 27/02/2024
    It’s that time of year again when we start to see Brolga flock to certain sites around south-western Victoria. Since the hydrology of Green Swamp (near Glenthompson) was restored just on a decade ago, we’ve seen flock numbers slowly increasing here too. Last year was a bit of an anomaly, probably because there was so ...
  • The new view at Mt Burr Swamp 27/02/2024
    Here is a short video to showcase the upgraded ‘view’ from the Mt Burr Swamp shed. We had some beautiful big windows installed in the old shearing shed which is used by visiting groups, for educational activities and by volunteers and staff at Mt Burr Swamp. This activity was supported by the following local businesses
  • A bird’s-eye view of Mt Vandyke reveals the extent of recent prescribed burns 27/02/2024
    In last’s months newsletter, John filled us in on the success of the recent successful prescribed burn at Mt Vandyke, undertaken to help reduce biomass as a key step in the process to prepare the site for re-establishment of native grassland habitat. As it turns out, while I was on my way past the site the ...
  • Monitoring the health of Walker Swamp’s River Red Gums reveals interesting patterns of growth and flowering 27/02/2024
    During mid-summer for the last six years, a group of keen volunteers and NGT staff have gathered at NGT’s Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve for two days of field work, to assess the condition of River Red Gums across the reserve. Mid-summer is chosen for these surveys as it is around the time that most of ...
  • Walker Swamp’s Red Gum revival hits the media 27/02/2024
    Continuing with this month’s Red Gum theme at Walker Swamp, there was a nice short article written by Gavin McGrath from the ABC a couple of weeks ago, which you can read by following this link. It occurred to me that it might also be worth sharing an image that I took out at Walker ...
  • NGT nursery given a helping hand 27/02/2024
    Our Community Nursery site at Vansittart Park is a great central position for our volunteers, and allows us to grow seedlings for numerous restoration projects. However, space at our small nursery is limited and we have nowhere to expand, and this year’s planting season is going to be a big one! So this year, NGT ...
  • Rare River Blackfish population kept healthy with extra water and air! 27/02/2024
    Hidden at the base of a rocky cliff face in the lower Rodwell Creek is a deep, peaceful pool that is home to one of the only remaining River Blackfish populations in the South Australian portion of the Murray Darling Basin. The population at Rodwell Creek was rediscovered back in 2004, after going undetected in ...
  • Coming back from local extinction – Yarra Pygmy Perch in the Lower Lakes 27/02/2024
    At the western edge of its national range in Australia, a beautiful little native fish has been in a fight for survival for over 15 years. The Yarra Pygmy Perch was first found in the Lower Lakes in South Australia in 2002, but unfortunately disappeared in this part of its range a short time later, ...


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