Kurrawonga (Nelson, VIC)

Kurrawonga is a 40 hectare bush property surrounded on three sides by the Lower Glenelg National Park at Nelson, Victoria. The property was generously donated to NGT by the Moore family in 2017 – you can read more about the property here.

How do we maintain and protect the biodiversity of a remnant bush block surrounded by national park? Come along to our working bees to find out! We  have regular working bees at Kurrawonga and tasks vary throughout the year. You could be involved in weed control (hand pulling, woody weed removal), track maintenance, nesting box installation and checking, wildlife surveys, and other general maintenance and upkeep of equipment. But it’s not all hard work! Our working bee attendees enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, make connections with like-minded folk in our community, and usually enjoy a nice cuppa and morning tea too!

Kurrawonga working bees and open days are on the 2nd Saturday of each month!

Upcoming events:
15th February: Working Bee nesting box search / reptile grid survey / weed control

For most tasks, no previous experience is necessary and equipment is provided. Just bring along your favourite gardening gloves and enthusiastic nature-loving self. On site glamping is available to volunteers at a reduced cost. To find out more, please contact property caretaker Nicole Mojonnier by phone 0414 778 309, or by email.

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