Help us secure NGT’s next Restoration Reserve!

Help us secure NGT’s next Restoration Reserve!

Nature Glenelg Trust is seeking your support for the creation of our next Restoration Reserve…

Sometimes a site comes along that has very special attributes or restoration potential, and the only way secure those outcomes is through land purchase. In some circumstances, this is literally the only way to resolve a difficult land management challenge – for example, where public conservation land tenure is fragmented, or, where a wetland or floodplain covers an entire parcel of land and restoration would render it uneconomic for the owner to keep farming it.

We didn’t specifically set out to become a large non-government conservation land owner,  but over time NGT has become custodians of several permanent reserves – each with their own unique attributes and challenges.

Ben from NGT preparing a water level sensor installation, in a restored Mount Burr Swamp – previously a cow paddock.

Something that does make us different to most other conservation organisations is that we’re taking on land that, for the most part (with a notable exception being Kurrawonga), is degraded from an environmental perspective, but has something special about it that makes restoration and permanent protection a smart idea. Whether that be restoring over 1000 acres of drained floodplain wetlands next the Grampians National Park with amazing educational potential, protecting the magnificent red gums of Long Point on the edge of Dunkeld, restoring wetlands adjacent to one of SA’s most bio-diverse reserves, or recovering vast woodlands near the western edge of the Little Desert National Park – these are all sites whose future trajectory would not have involved conservation if we hadn’t stepped in.

Most environmental scientists have been lecturing for decades about why we need to restore strategically located land for biodiversity in agricultural regions (where the trends for nature are not good), but very few people are tackling that challenge at scale – it is a big gap and we’re trying our very best to do something about it.

Hence another major objective in establishing our restoration reserves in particular, is to create demonstration sites, where we can share our experiences with the community and hopefully inspire others to follow suit. We know we can’t fix the landscape by ourselves!

At the present time, we do not deduct administration fees from donations, so 100% of your donation will be used to help us acquire and set-up NGT’s next Restoration Reserve. All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible.

Thanks for supporting our restoration work – and positive environmental change!

Mark Bachmann