Nature Glenelg Trust is very excited to be a local partner of ‘Tread Lightly‘, an endurance run by Dr Rowan Brookes being used as a platform to draw attention to the impacts of environmental change in an area of national significance.

That area of national significance is a fantastic part of Victoria that NGT knows very well Рthe 250 loop route of the Great South West Walk Рwhich includes the forests of Lower Glenelg and Cobboboonee National Parks and the dunes and wetlands of the Discovery Bay coast.

As well as one of NGT’s permanent reserves, Kurrawonga (near Nelson) being situated on the walking route, since 2012 we have also delivered a long-term project to restore Long Swamp¬†within Discovery Bay Coastal Park at Nobles Rocks, along the tough coastal stretch of the hike.

The see how that project has physically unfolded since 2014, see below… this recreated wetland habitat for nationally threatened species is just one of the many stories of ecological change that Rowan will witness and share on her run.

The forests of Cobboboonee...

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To help us expand the reach of our environmental restoration projects, which includes a major focus on wetland restoration (not to mention a wide range of other activities), please consider making a donation in support of ‘Tread Lightly’.

All donations from this appeal will be pooled and contribute towards NGT’s next major project in the Lower Glenelg area (we have some very exciting plans in the pipeline…), and all supporters will be kept up to date on the latest news related to this project.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible.

Thanks for supporting our restoration work – and positive environmental change!

Community participation in NGT wetland restoration projects. Photos: Mark Bachmann
Mark Bachmann