Farewell to Dan – the green thumb of Mount Gambier parklands

For nearly three decades, Dan Jeutic has tended the gardens of Vansittart Park in Mount Gambier in his role with the City Council. The Park is somewhere you can visit for fresh air and play with children or grandchildren, a picnic with family or friends, or to quietly ponder the beauty. Parks and gardens play a huge role for us as individuals, and for the community as a whole. Gardeners like Dan care for and maintain these living and inviting places.

Part of Dan's beautiful Vansittart Park gardens (Photo: Jonathan Tuck)

Part of Dan’s beautiful Vansittart Park gardens (Photo: Jonathan Tuck)

Dan worked closely with NGT since 2012 when we leased our Vansittart Park site and shared this space with Dan and other Council staff. Dan was very proud of the Vansittart Park, starting work “with the sparrows” each day and knocking off around school pick up time. We observed Dan spending many hours mowing, pruning, fertilising and tending to the plants for the gardens, and he happily shared the NGT nursery site and assisted us in transforming it to what it is today. NGT staff have had many long and insightful conversations with Dan, and his presence and inquisitiveness about “what were up to” will be missed. We hope to foster a similar relationship with Dan’s replacement Adam over time.

We wish you well in retirement Dan and thank you for all you have contributed to NGT, the Park, and the community. The Border Watch article below further highlights Dan’s contributions.

Remembering Dan Jeutic’s time as the Vansittart Park gardener. Border Watch, 10th May 2019.


Lauren Kivisalu