Long Swamp Phase 3 restoration trial – Week 3 update – approaching the home stretch!

Long Swamp Phase 3 restoration trial – Week 3 update – approaching the home stretch!

Several hundred sandbags later, after a another big day of community sandbagging on Thursday, and the restoration trial structure on the Nobles Rocks outlet is over 2/3 complete. So we are well on the way… For the latest video of the action from Thursday (from Lachie F) please click here: NGT community sandbagging on Thursday 16th April 2015

The three community sandbagging days have put us in a fantastic position, so next week will be a rest period for our community volunteers. It has been a massive effort by all concerned, and we couldn’t have got this far without you,  so thank you – you are worth your weight in, well, sandbags – of course!

NGT will plug away now next week, getting the site ready for the final stage, and we’ll update you soon on how you can be further involved then.

In the meantime, why not see for yourself below just how much progress we have made? From a dry channel a couple of weeks ago, the channel upstream of the structure is now sitting at 1.2 m deep, and only about 30 cm below the height of the phase 2 structure. When we reach that depth, we’ll begin to directly influence water levels in Long Swamp over and above what was possible in the first two phases of the trial last year – so we have a very interesting stage ahead.

Here is the daily progress so far:

How it looked before Day 1 – where it all began!

End of Day 1 – Progress on the footing trenches.

End of Day 2 
End of Week 1 – The base is lined.

Beginning of Week 2 – After the big wet!

End of Day 3 – Working underwater to sandbag the base. 
Upstream Water Level – 53 cm

End of Day 4 – the 1st Community Sandbagging Day 
End of Week 2 
Upstream Water Level – 74 cm

End of Day 5 – the 2nd Community Sandbagging Day 
Upstream Water Level – 105 cm

End of Day 6 – the 3rd Community Sandbagging Day 
End of Week 3 
Upstream Water Level – 122 cm

Mark Bachmann