Our coastal Karst Rising Springs are in the spotlight this May!

Our coastal Karst Rising Springs are in the spotlight this May!

The lower South East coast is home to a unique type of wetland called Karst Rising Springs. These environments are spring-fed wetlands and are found close to the coast from the Victorian border to near Bray (SE of Robe).
Spring-fed wetlands or Karst Rising Springs (KRS) are distinguished by a permanent water body forming from groundwater rising to the surface, under pressure, maintaining a permanently saturated peat soil. There are over 20 sites throughout the region and you may already be familiar with Ewens and Piccaninnie Ponds which are our most famous, but many other sites exist which are home to important aquatic plants and animals, like Prickly-back Crays!

Male Prickly-back

Male Prickly-back

Nature Glenelg Trust will be hosting a presentation night to showcase these amazing environments to the general public on Thursday May 26th. The event will be held at the Port MacDonnell Community Information Centre, 5-7 Charles St, Port MacDonnell from 6.30pm.

We hope to take you on a journey to discover what the spring-fed coastal wetlands were originally like in the lower South East, how they have changed, and summarise recent efforts to protect and restore them. We also aim to illustrate and illuminate some of the interesting and unique species associated with spring-fed systems.

The amazing underwater world in a Karst Rising Spring (Ewens Ponds)

The fascinating submerged plant-life in a Karst Rising Spring (Ewens Ponds).

Results from the annual monitoring program will be presented

Results from the annual monitoring program will be presented. Lauren examining the catch.

Landholders and other stakeholders are welcome to attend a small workshop with NGT and Natural Resources staff, from 2-5pm, to discuss the Regional Action Plan for this ecological community.

The presentation evening from 6:30-8:30pm is open to all – whether you live in the area, are familiar with the springs or not, if you enjoy freshwater snorkelling or yabbying, or are just keen to hear more about these incredible aquatic ecosystems, come along! A light supper will be provided.

Please contact the NGT Mt Gambier Office on (08) 8797 8596 to register your interest, and for more information.


Bryan Haywood