Photo of the week – Sunset at Lake Moniboeng, Vic

Lake Moniboeng (or ‘Momboeng’) sits behind the sand dunes of Discovery Bay along the south-west Victorian coast and forms an important part of the Glenelg Estuary and Long Swamp Ramsar site. It’s not far from NGT’s Long Swamp restoration project near Nobles Rocks. NGT has been tracking native fish populations at the lake through a fish monitoring project (coordinated by Dr Lauren Brown), including River Blackfish, Short-finned Eel and Southern Pygmy Perch.

Looking out from the landing on a still evening, with a bit of colour in the sky, it’s got to be one of the most relaxing and scenic spots in the region!

Lake Momboeng, Victoria (photo: J. Tuck)

Lake Moniboeng, Victoria (photo: Jonathan Tuck)

Jonathan Tuck