Photos of the Month: May 2020 – the NGT team get busy in wetlands!

Yes, NGT love wetlands! Wetland restoration and research has been a big part of what the organisation has been about, right from the start.

The team have worked across a vast array of different wetlands across south-eastern Australia. So for May 2020 we have a few photos of the month to provide a ‘snapshot’ in time of some of the wetland environments the team have found themselves in this week …

All was well on a sunny day for Lachie, Bryan and Jono while conducting fish surveys in Long Swamp, part of the Glenelg River Estuary and Discovery Bay Ramsar site… that was until they had to get out of the kayaks into chilly eight degree water! (Photo: Lachlan Farrington).

With a step-up from kayaks, Ben and Tess got prepared to boat onto Torrens Lake in the River Torrens and conduct aquatic vegetation mapping for the City of Adelaide (Photo: Ben Taylor).

No one had to twist Nicole and Lauren K.’s arms to go searching for the Orange-bellied Parrot across coastal wetlands of south-west Victoria. This picture shows floodplain on private property along the Fitzroy River (Photo: Lauren Kivisalu).

Lauren Kivisalu