Revegetation season begins again

With the arrival of winter, revegetation plantings have begun around the region with seedlings from NGT’s nursery being used in multiple projects.

2017 is the final year of our 20 Million Trees reveg project at Eaglehawk Waterhole, during which we will have planted over 15000 seedlings starting in 2015. This federal Landcare project aims to have 20 million trees and associated understorey seedlings planted to benefit native wildlife species. This winter we will be planting about 6500 seedlings from more than 30 species at the habitat restoration reserve.

Read our Eaglehawk Waterhole blog in this series for an update on activities and for more information about a community planting day.

The nursery is also supplying a number of other private land revegetation projects throughout the South East of South Australia including a site at Mullinger Swamp and several Swamp gum woodland sites nestled within plantation.

As the nursery begins to empty, planning begins for next year and the cycle continues!


Rose Thompson