Seeking the help of landholders with a Heritage Agreement in SA

Seeking the help of landholders with a Heritage Agreement in SA

This message is from Julie Groce at Monash University, undertaking research into private land conservation across Australia…

“Last chance to respond to landholder survey!

If you own or manage property with a Heritage Agreement on the title, you are invited to contribute to an Australia-wide survey led by Julie Groce, PhD student, and Dr. Carly Cook from Monash University. We would like to learn about your experiences with your Heritage Agreement, including the sorts of management activities that you undertake on the property and how you find information about those activities.

We have had great conversations with some HA owners in South Australia and hope to hear from many more of you through the survey. The details you share with us can help us take actions toward improving the effectiveness of private land conservation programs. All responses will be kept anonymous.

To participate, please click on the following link which will take you to the online version of the survey.

Landholder Survey

The Survey closes on the 27th July!

More information about the survey and our research is available at, or contact Julie Groce at . Hard copies of the survey are available upon request.”

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