The adaptability of bridal creeper

The adaptability of bridal creeper

During the heath mouse survey several weeks ago in Honeysuckle Native Forest Reserve, we came across an isolated bridal creeper plant growing up through a yacca.¬†As we didn’t have the right equipment to remove it immediately (given the dense mat of tubers the plant establishes below ground), a few days later we came back with a small pick to grub out the plant.

An isolated bridal creeper plant in Honeysuckle NFR – earmarked for removal.

Only the plant had a bit of a surprise for us! The stem wasn’t attached to the ground, but the side of the yacca plant – a most unusual sight.

Can you see the bridal creeper tubers?

We may not have had to do any digging in the end, but we successfully claimed our victim. And remember…. if you notice an isolated outbreak of a serious environmental weed like this, you know what to do!

Small but significant.
An isolated bridal creeper plant found in an area of high quality bushland that was successfully removed.

Mark Bachmann