The Arrawatta Fund: more positive news for the NGT Foundation

At NGT we pride ourselves on working collaboratively and respectfully with a wide range of people, across all sectors and walks of life in south-eastern Australia, especially in rural landscapes.

So it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the establishment of the Arrawatta Fund, another new fund established within the NGT Foundation. The farmers in our region who have established this new fund wish to remain anonymous, but they have kindly written a little something for us to understand their motivations for doing so.

“Wetlands around the world are under threat from a both warming climate and political dogmas.

We have watched with frustration the effect of these two factors on our own wetlands in south eastern Australia.

We believe the best way of dealing with these issues is through a pragmatic approach supported by scientific research.

Mark Bachmann and Nature Glenelg Trust personnel have achieved exceptional results with their practical, unemotional, data based form of action. They are proof that the environmental sciences are an asset of rural communities and not a foe.

We have therefore chosen to support the Nature Glenelg Trust Foundation to help guarantee permanency to their, already numerous, “on the ground” achievements.

We hope more farmers chose to do the same.”

The Brolga – one of our iconic species dependent upon wetlands in south-eastern Australia. Photo courtesy of Dr Rod Bird.

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Named Funds as at October 2020:

The Arrawatta Fund

Moore Family Fund

James Darling AM & Lesley Forwood Fund

NGT Reserves Fund

OneFortyOne Fund

Vegetation Link Fund

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