The Vegetation Link Fund: Another welcome boost to the NGT Foundation

I am delighted to announce the recent establishment of a new named fund in the NGT Foundation: The Vegetation Link Fund.

To accompany this exciting announcement, the team at Vegetation Link have generously shared their perspective on NGT, our work and the NGT Foundation:

“At Vegetation Link our main business is brokering native vegetation offsets under State and Federal legislation. We work with some great landowners who are doing some great things on the ground with land restoration, managing threatening processes, improving and protecting natural remnants. But funding of the protection of these sites tends to be driven by the accident of where development pressure is occurring in the landscape. And so whilst some critical ecological communities do get protected this way, there are many other areas deserving of protection for which this source of funding will rarely if ever be available.

We have watched the work of Nature Glenelg Trust in S.A. and Victoria with great interest. They combine good science with a can-do approach and they continue to deliver some fabulous outcomes on the ground in terms of sites protected and restoration projects underway. We’ve admired the culture of the organisation; a determination to work tirelessly towards the protection of wetland ecosystems even in the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles. From the outside it seems they are building some great momentum in terms of numbers of sites they are instrumental in protecting, managing and monitoring.

The NGT Foundation shows that the organisation thinks beyond this year, and next year; beyond the next funding round of piecemeal grants. The goal of the Foundation is to set in place a funding source for various sites in perpetuity. It is an ambitious goal, and we’re proud to make this contribution towards seeing it come to fruition.”

On behalf of NGT, a huge thanks to the team at Vegetation Link for your support!

The Team at Vegetation Link – proud supporters of the NGT Foundation

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Named Funds as at September 2020:

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Vegetation Link Fund

Mark Bachmann