Wrapping up a colourful year, as native orchids emerge at Kurrawonga

October is a wonderful time to be exploring Kurawonga. With longer and slightly warmer spring days the first orchids have started popping their heads up like little jewels of the bush; perfect timing for our last working bee of the year!

After spending the morning grid searching the property, pulling out Italian Buckthorn, digging up Bridal Creeper and tackling thistles and other weeds we spent the afternoon exploring the property with Sheryl – NGT’s very own orchid enthusiast! And we weren’t disappointed … We found 13 different species!

With the Kurrawonga working bees coming to an end for this year we would like to thank all the volunteers who joined us on one or more of the days!  It is always a pleasure to have an excited group of people joining us for the day. It is great to hear the happy chitter-chatter, and see how much we can achieve in a day and still have fun! Personally, I know I could not have done it without you. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the task at hand I found it extremely calming and reassuring to know I have a bunch of people who I can count on to help out. To see the joy in people’s faces when exploring Kurrawonga is heart-warming. Thank you all very much for being part of this beautiful place!

We still have two Kurrawonga open days coming up this year. On Saturday the 9th of November and the 14th of December the gates will be open from 9 am -2 pm and the place is all yours to explore. If either of these dates fall onto a total fire ban day, then the open day will be cancelled. Feel free to contact Nicole via email or phone (0414778309) if you have any questions.

If you are interested in joining in on the working bee fun next year have a look at next year’s working bee schedule below. Also, if you are interested in exploring Kurrawonga at any other time please contact the caretaker via email or ring the office (08 8797 8596) to organise access.

Get your 2020 diary early and write in the Kurrawonga working bees and open days scheduled for next year!

Nicole Mojonnier