Nature Glenelg Trust is a not-for-profit environmental organisation in south-eastern Australia, established and operated by a group of dedicated, professional ecologists who are passionate about getting results for our local communities. Nature Glenelg Trust believes in positive action and leading by example in our on-ground and other project work, to benefit the regional environment and community.


Nature Glenelg Trust is a not-for-profit environmental organisation in south-eastern Australia. The organisation has a particular focus on wetland conservation and restoration activities, but also operates a native plant nursery, specialises in threatened species research, delivers education programs and works on a wide range of other biodiversity and environmental community projects.



Nature Glenelg Trust is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organisation committed to filling gaps, problem solving, positive action, and working with the community and our partners to achieve tangible and lasting on-ground results.

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Biodiversity Project Work

Nature Glenelg Trust delivers a wide range of biodiversity related projects across south-eastern Australia (Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Tasmania) to benefit our environment and local communities.

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Professional Ecological Consulting

Providing professional ecological consulting services in south-eastern Australia and beyond.
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Donate to support habitat restoration

Businesses and individuals are able to make tax-deductible donations to directly support on ground action, via NGT’s habitat restoration projects across south-eastern Australia.

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Native fish conservation

Native fish conservation and aquatic ecological projects are a major ongoing priority for NGT, with strong contributions to on-ground recovery actions; research and monitoring, the development of resource documents and ongoing education and awareness activities that aim to protect and restore populations of threatened species.