Our Culture

Workplace culture

The workplace culture of Nature Glenelg Trust is fundamental to the way our organisation operates and is a key reason for our success.

Our fantastic team of staff protect and maintain NGT’s culture

Our culture is exhibited daily by the proactive and passionate way we deliver our work, the respectful way we treat each other, the generous way we share our knowledge and the genuine, open and personal way we communicate and engage with our community of supporters. We value collaboration, and work actively with others to achieve outcomes.

Within the workplace, we work to each other’s strengths and always look to bring out the best in each other. We choose to be an efficient and effective organisation that is strongly focussed on outcomes. We get things done, and seek out and fill gaps to augment the greater conservation effort. We identify, test, trial and deliver creative solutions to environmental problems and do not shy away from doing things differently, as it creates opportunities for learning and improvement.

We recognise and respect the history of the unique places we work, the significant connection of people to place, and the importance of fostering this in the management of our own reserves. We show compassion, care and respect to First Nations people.

Our culture permeates throughout the organisation and is reflected at all levels – volunteers, staff, managers and Board members. Everyone, at every level in NGT, is actively involved in, and contributes to, achieving our purpose.

Giving culture

The philanthropic culture we seek to foster in our community of supporters is a natural extension of our wider workplace culture, built on a long-term foundation of trust and a shared, deeper understanding of our work.

We do:

• commit to working directly with donors in a respectful, relationship-based way.

We do not:

• use fundraising techniques that are intrusive or persistent, or rely on negative (guilt-based) messaging.

We will:

• continue to generously share our stories and the outcomes of our work.
• invite, attract, and motivate people to support our work of their own volition.

A gathering of NGT volunteers, supporters and staff at Walker Swamp, a restoration project that would not have occurred without public donations. Photo: Mark Bachmann