Our People

We are a non-political, not-for-profit organisation; formed, governed and staffed by people that have a deep commitment to the region and are passionate about delivering on ground results.

We aim to demonstrate our core values through positive action, by working together with our local community, landholders and partner organisations, and through leading by example in our on-ground and other project work, to benefit southern South Australia and western Victoria’s local environment and community.

Mark Bachmann - Nature Glenelg Trust v2

Mr Mark Bachmann, Principal Ecologist and Manager

Mark has extensive knowledge of south-eastern Australian ecosystem ecology, threatening processes and prioritisation of on-ground works. He has a particular passion for small mammal ecology, private land conservation, wetland restoration, and the design / implementation of novel conservation programs. Mark has worked in the region since 1996, including management and delivery of on-ground, research and education based ecological programs.

Mark is based at Mumbannar (Vic) and Mt Gambier (SA).



Ms Jess Bourchier, Project Ecologist and Administration Support

Jess developed her passion for the environment, and in particular our spectacular coast and marine systems, while growing up in the South East (SA). Prior to joining NGT, Jess worked with the SE Water Conservation & Drainage Board and worked on a number of short contracts for the Coast and Marine team at DEWNR.  Jess has been the coordinator of the Port MacDonnell Reef Watch since 2010, allowing her to follow her coast and marine passion while working with community members.

Jess is based in Mt Gambier (SA), but she is currently on maternity leave.


Dr Lauren Brown, Aquatic Ecologist

Lauren has a research background in fisheries biology and estuarine fish ecology, undertaking work throughout Victoria and Western Australia. Lauren now applies her knowledge to assist in wetland restoration monitoring activities in the South East of South Australia and western Victoria, as well as working with community groups to restore populations of threatened native fauna.

Lauren is based in Warrnambool (Vic).


Richard Crew - NGT

Mr Richard Crew, Financial Controller (Honorary)

Richard generously volunteers his time to manage Nature Glenelg Trust finances, payroll and accounts, and advises the NGT Committee of Management on fiduciary matters. He ensures that the organisation meets its obligations under Australian Accounting Standards, the requirements set by the Australian Not-for-profits and Charities Commission, the Australian Taxation Office and the Register for Environmental Organisations, as well as coordinating the independent external annual audit of NGT accounts. As a retired Executive Accountant and former State Manager for large companies in the private sector, he brings a wealth of professional financial management expertise.

Richard is based in Adelaide (SA).


Dr Lachlan Farrington, Senior Wetland & Landscape Ecologist

Lachlan has a research background in landscape genetics, having undertaken research on population connectivity in fish, turtles and terrestrial orchids. Since 2007, Lachlan has applied this knowledge as a wetland ecologist and planner in South East South Australia and south-west Victoria. He has extensive experience in NRM planning, field ecological studies and group facilitation.

Lachlan is based in Warrnambool (Vic).



Mr Bryan Haywood, Senior Ecologist

Bryan has worked professionally as an ecologist in the South East region of South Australia since 1995. He has expertise in a range of natural history fields and has worked on a significant number of native vegetation, wildlife, monitoring, environmental education and on-ground works projects, across both public and private land. Bryan has a particular passion for ornithology and entomology, to complement his all round ecological skills.

Bryan is based in Mt Gambier (SA).



Mrs Toni Haywood, Administration Support

Toni has worked in administration for the past 20 years and is assisting NGT while Jess Bourchier is on maternity leave. Toni enjoys the outdoors and is often sighted volunteering in the field for NGT with her husband Bryan, our Senior Ecologist, and their two boys Henry & Ned. She also enjoys being in their native garden at home, keeping active and spending time with family.

Toni is based in Mt Gambier (SA).


Kimberley Height

Ms Kimberley Height, Volunteer Coordinator

Kimberley has had a diverse career since graduating from university, including working in the fields of climate change, energy efficiency, international development, and education. She has spent many years working internationally, in Tanzania, Malawi and Sweden, and is now back in Australia to pursue her environmental career.

Kimberley is setting up our volunteer management system, organising volunteer events and activities, and keeping our volunteers engaged.

Kimberley is based in Mt Gambier (SA).


Sheryl Holliday - NGT

Ms Sheryl Holliday, Field Officer – Ecology

Sheryl grew up in the South East and loves to get out in the bush when ever she can, including through her field-based role with NGT. She is passionate about native orchids in the region, and has been involved in various surveys for them over the past 10 years.

Sheryl is based in Mount Gambier (SA).


Jodie Honan (NGT)

Ms Jodie Honan, Ecologist

Jodie Honan has lived on the south-west Victorian coast for over 40 years, and has worked across a range of professions including the arts, science, education and in her own eco-tourism venture. Jodie has over 25 years of prior experience in conservation management and community engagement including as a Biodiversity Officer and Park Ranger, and is also an accomplished author.

At NGT, Jodie brings a strong recognition for the importance of developing conversation and documenting stories which ultimately contribute to a sense of place and overall community resilience.

Jodie is based in Port Fairy (Vic).


Greg Kerr (NGT)

Dr Greg Kerr, Senior Ecologist

Greg has a research background in Behavioural Ecology and Spatial Ecology. He has developed a broad ecological knowledge through wide ranging experience working as a consultant in a variety of terrestrial and wetland roles both across Australia and internationally. Greg has joined NGT following five years as a Landscape Ecologist on Eyre Peninsula. He is skilled in Natural Resource Management, raising environmental awareness, wetlands, development of citizen science programs, fauna monitoring and habitat requirements, and environmental policy. Greg is also an award winning secondary teacher who loves to involve and empower community members in ecological monitoring and natural history.

Greg is based in Hamilton (Vic).



Ms Lauren Kivisalu,  Project Ecologist 

Lauren has worked across the region with government, local landholders and community groups to coordinate on-ground recovery actions for threatened species. She has experience in pest plant and animal control, habitat enhancement, experimental research and grazing management for terrestrial flora and reptiles. Lauren has particular expertise in the western volcanic plains region.

Lauren is based in Narrawong (Vic).


Ryan Little - NGT

Mr Ryan Little, Nursery Assistant

Ryan has been part of NGT’s Nursery team on and off for a couple of years, having initially been a long-term volunteer in 2013-2014. Since then he has been involved in all aspects of nursery work, from propagation, to general maintenance, to germination trials, and seed collecting. Ryan has extensive prior experience in weed control, and has worked on other NGT bushcare and wetland restoration projects.

Ryan is based in Mt Gambier (SA).

Nicole Mojonnier - NGT

Ms Nicole Mojonnier, Program Coordinator – Education on NGT Reserves

Nicole has been working with NGT since early 2017, initially completing a part-time graduate internship where she was responsible for the coordination of the orange-bellied parrot 2017 winter counts in SW Victoria. Nicole has previously worked on environmental education and eco-tourism projects in Switzerland and Indonesia, and is now the Program Coordinator delivering on our organisation’s commitment to the various forms of community involvement across NGT’s Reserves.

Nicole is based in Nelson (Victoria), and regularly travels between NGT’s Reserves in Victoria and SA.


Tom Neale - NGT

Mr Tom Neale, Field Officer – Ecology

Growing up in the South East, Tom has always appreciated the natural environment. In addition to a trade background, over recent years Tom has concentrated on building his environmental management skills and gets great satisfaction from removing pest plant & animals from otherwise pristine environments. He also has experience in project management (indigenous garden design and wetland management).

Tom is based in Mt Gambier (SA).

Tessa Roberts (NGT)

Ms Tessa Roberts, Wetland Ecologist

Tessa has an honours degree from the University of Adelaide, with her research investigating Phragmites australis in Black Swamp on the Fleurieu Peninsula. She is now assisting NGT with our work in Fleurieu Swamps and other wetland restoration projects.

Tessa is based in Adelaide (SA), but she is currently on maternity leave.


Mrs Samantha Rothe, Field Officer – Ecology

Sam moved to the South East in 2012 with a career background in botanical data systems. Her love of the natural environment grew with every flora/fauna survey she participated in, enabling her to challenge and expand her knowledge-base in ecology. Sam joined the NGT team in 2015 and has been working on various restoration and monitoring projects throughout the Upper South East.

Sam is based in the Upper South East (SA).

Lu-Wei Spinks (NGT)

Ms Lu-Wei Spinks, Graduate Ecology Intern

Lu-Wei grew up in outback New South Wales and had a real love for people and the natural environment from a young age. After studying Environmental Management, and International Development and Culture Change at university in Sydney, she was keen to leave the big smoke behind and moved to Mount Gambier in early 2018. Lu-Wei has an interest in all aspects of sustainability, conservation, and community engagement. She is involved in a wide variety of NGT projects as part of her Internship.

Lu-Wei is based in Mt Gambier (SA).


Ben Taylor (NGT)

Mr Ben Taylor, Senior Wetland Ecologist

Ben has been working on wetland conservation and management issues since 2004, across the government, private and now NGO sectors. He has worked extensively in the South East, preparing the Lower South East wetland inventory in 2006, and contributing to several wetland restoration projects in the region since that time. He has also worked closely with Aboriginal communities of the lower River Murray, Lower Lakes, Coorong and South East regions on a number of wetland restoration projects.

Ben is based in Adelaide (SA).


Thai Te - NGT

Mr Thai Te, Ecologist

Thai has worked as a ranger and as an ecologist across South Australia since 1998. He has expertise in native vegetation, seed research, habitat restoration, habitat monitoring and on-ground works projects, across both public and private land. Thai has a particular interest in threatened flora and seed germination research.

Thai is based in Adelaide (SA).


Rose Thompson

Ms Rose Thompson, Project Ecologist

Rose is a strong believer in community engagement and environmental education as a means to achieve environmental protection, working two seasons at a Michigan summer camp providing the outdoor/environmental education program. She has previous experience in project management with NGT and is currently working on the Cross-Border Community Nursery project which requires excellent engagement, communication and project management skills.

Rose is based in Mt Gambier (SA).


Jonathan Tuck

Mr Jonathan Tuck, Ecologist and Project Logistics

Jonathan has collaborated with government agencies and landholders to assess vegetation communities and monitor the results of on-ground restoration efforts. He has experience in native vegetation management, restoration plantings, and pest plant control. Jonathan has a background in designing and building complex software systems and now applies his systematic analysis and problem solving skills in assessing and helping to restore ecological communities.

Jonathan is based in Mt Gambier (SA).



Dr Nick Whiterod, Senior Aquatic Ecologist

Nick has worked widely with freshwater fish and aquatic environmental management since 2002, with professional experience in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. Nick also has experience in landscape conservation prioritisation (relating to weed management), ecological risk assessment, restoration activities and species actions plans (including invasive species) as well as broad ecological knowledge to complement his specialised aquatic skills.

Nick is based in Goolwa (SA).



Dr Sylvia Zukowski, Community Scientist / Ecologist

Sylvia has worked in natural resource management and conservation, scientific research, community science and social science since 2002. Sylvia has also focussed on the links between the community, science and natural resource management. Sylvia has vast experience in consulting with and presenting to community, school, government, scientific and media groups and organising and running community education activities and stakeholder workshops.

Sylvia is based in Goolwa (SA).


The Committee of Management of Nature Glenelg Trust voluntarily guide the efforts of the Trust, to ensure the organisation is managed according to its not-for-profit charter, to benefit our regional environment and community.

The NGT Committee of Management: Nick Whiterod, Lachlan Farrington, Cath Dickson, Michael Hammer, Mark Bachmann & Melissa Herpich (absent).

Mark Buchmann Hiking

Current Employment: Principal Ecologist and Manager, Nature Glenelg Trust

Mr Mark Bachmann – B. App. Sc. (Hons), Dip NRM

Managing Director, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)
Cath Dickson

Current Employment: PhD Candidate, Monash University

Ms Cath Dickson – B. App. Sc. (Hons)

Director, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)

Current Employment: Senior Wetland and Landscape Ecologist, Nature Glenelg Trust

Dr. Lachlan Farrington – B. Sc. (Hons.), PhD

Director, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)
Melissa Herpich

Current Employment: Senior Project Officer, Water Planning,
Natural Resources South East

Mrs Melissa Herpich – B. Sc., B. Ed. Studies (Env. Ed.), M.Soc. Sc. (Env. & Planning)

Director, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)
Dr Michael Hammer

Current Employment: Curator of Fishes, MAGNT (Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory)

Dr Michael Hammer- B. Sc. (Hons), PhD

Director, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)

Current Employment: Senior Aquatic Ecologist, Aquasave – Nature Glenelg Trust

Dr Nick Whiterod – B.Sc. (Hons), PhD (Env. Sc.)

Director, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)
Richard Crew – NGT

Current (Voluntary) Occupation: Financial Controller (Honorary), Nature Glenelg Trust

Mr Richard Crew

Secretary, The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust (non-remunerated role)