Our Charter

NGT logo with wetland

Nature Glenelg Trust is established as an environmental organisation for the following purposes:

  1. To protect and enhance the natural environment*a, with a particular emphasis on all forms of ecological restoration, including wetland restoration, across south-eastern Australia.
  2. To generate and provide high quality scientific information and undertake key conservation ecology research, which can be applied to achieve practical environmental benefits.
  3. To promote public awareness of and access to nature, through education, science communication and involving the community in the activities of Nature Glenelg Trust.
  4. To establish, maintain and manage a network of strategically located Permanent Reserves*b, especially within the organisation’s identified Focal Region*c.
  5. To use the organisation’s Permanent Reserves to demonstrate practical implementation of purposes (1) to (3) and inspire similar action on other land.
  6. To generate a perpetual annual endowment from the NGT Foundation*d, a preserved capital fund that will sustain Nature Glenelg Trust’s impact, including the care and management of the organisation’s Permanent Reserves.

Note *a:     Nature Glenelg Trust delivers environmental projects and services on all land tenure types including (but not limited to) public, private, Aboriginal and community-held land.

Note *b:     Nature Glenelg Trust must maintain a register of its Permanent Reserves. Once land has been designated as such by Nature Glenelg Trust, this status cannot be revoked, and the land title must be held by the Trustee in perpetuity.

Note *c:     Nature Glenelg Trust’s “Focal Region” is the geographic zone where the organisation commenced operations, inclusive of regional areas situated between Melbourne (Victoria) and Adelaide (South Australia).

Note *d:     Nature Glenelg Trust must maintain an investment policy for the NGT Foundation, to ensure sound financial management and protect its character as a preserved capital fund capable of providing a perpetual annual endowment to the Trust. The purpose and character of the NGT Foundation cannot be revoked or altered.