Professional Ecological Consulting

Nature Glenelg Trust delivers services via fee-for-service contracts, continuing the work we previously delivered under two registered trading names, Aquasave and NGT Consulting. Although we are based in south-eastern Australia, we are prepared to provide services for the 'right projects' anywhere in Australia.

What we mean by the ‘right projects’ are those projects where the outcomes are unquestionably positive for the environment and consistent with our organisation’s charter.

In furthering our organisational purpose by working with clients on important conservation management projects, our consulting services also provide a financial contribution to support the costs of running our not-for-profit organisation. This enables us to meet a range of wider environmental objectives – such as restoring wetlands and protecting the native plants and wildlife that call them home. We aim to work closely with the local community, landholders and partners to make this happen.

Aquasave has been a key service provider for the monitoring and conservation of aquatic species and habitats within south eastern Australia since 2001 (>2000 site assessments). Nature Glenelg Trust has taken responsibility for providing Aquasave consulting services (and registration of the trading name) since Michael Hammer (the founder of Aquasave and NGT Committee member) generously donated the business to Nature Glenelg Trust in 2012.

Aquasave aquatic ecology consulting services have included specific leadership with regard to baseline surveys, long-term monitoring, management recommendations and conservation action. Aquasave has a reputation of attention to detail and integrity in its work, with a primary focus on all aspects of native fish ecology and management.

Aquasave has consistently delivered high quality outputs to clients, as illustrated within the following NGT publications list:

NGT Consulting was established by Nature Glenelg Trust in January 2012 and provides a wide range of ecological consulting services – representative of the professional ecological expertise held within Nature Glenelg Trust. We have expertise and interest in all aspects of ecology, environmental planning and management, including but not limited to:

  • Flora, fauna and native vegetation surveys;
  • threatened species survey, management and recovery planning;
  • strategic environmental weed management planning and prioritisation;
  • site assessments and action planning for a range of threats to native habitat;;
  • wetland ecology, classification, monitoring, restoration and management planning;
  • designing and delivering environmental education programs;
  • management of more complex integrated environmental programs;
  • working with landholders to achieve results.