How NGT Works

Nature Glenelg Trust is different to most organisations. We have created it as a community environmental NGO, a repository of professional ecological knowledge and an environmental charity – all in one.


As a registered not-for-profit community environmental organisation, Nature Glenelg Trust will work towards achieving its goals through actively seeking government and non-government grants. We aim to bring investment for biodiversity projects into our region, and to work closely with landholders and local communities to deliver results on the ground for our environment.



Nature Glenelg Trust provides ecological consulting services under two registered trading names, Aquasave Consultants and NGT Consulting. In furthering our organisational purpose by working with clients on important conservation management projects, our consulting services also provide a financial contribution to support the costs of running our not-for-profit organisation. This enables us to meet a range of wider environmental objectives – such as restoring wetlands and protecting the native plants and wildlife that call them home. We aim to work closely with the local community, landholders and partners to make this happen.



Nature Glenelg Trust has established a Public Fund, the Habitat Restoration Fund, to allow people to make donations of money or property, to be invested directly habitat restoration projects – with an emphasis on wetland restoration.

We can guarantee that this money will be spent on the ground, as the day-to-day operation of the Trust is supported by our operating model, as described above.

As the Fund has been granted Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status donations over $2 are tax deductible.