A big and very exciting NGT project is coming soon: Be part of creating another “Pick Swamp”!

A big and very exciting NGT project is coming soon: Be part of creating another “Pick Swamp”!

If you haven’t heard of or seen Pick Swamp (a 230 hectare property next to Piccaninnie Ponds, now also a reserve), then you haven’t witnessed the incredible recovery potential of drained wetlands – but the results (see below) speak for themselves.

Finally, after 10 years, it’s time to replicate what was achieved with the purchase and restoration of Pick Swamp, by bringing back another significant but currently drained freshwater wetland in our region. We’re planning for the site to become NGT’s second Habitat Restoration Reserve (our first being Eaglehawk Waterhole).

I can’t give away all the details yet (sorry – we need to wait for the launch!), but so far NGT has raised over 90% of the funds required to buy a 300 hectare property with similar characteristics in the Lower South East that will expand an existing wetland reserve by 50% in area. So, in a couple of weeks we’ll be launching a 6 week-long campaign asking the community to become a partner in the project by donating funds towards the purchase.

Remember, Nature Glenelg Trust is a DGR-listed environmental charity, meaning that any donations to this project, through our Habitat Restoration Fund, are fully tax-deductible – and we guarantee that 100% of the donated funds will be used for the purchase and restoration of the property.

If you’d like to get on board early, so that we can get the campaign off to a flying start ahead of the formal launch in a couple of weeks – when all the details will be revealed – then please visit our donation page and follow the instructions.

And obviously, if you are prepared to chip in ahead of the launch, then a huge thank you for your support!

More to come very soon…

The restoration of Pick Swamp; from 2007 to 2012.



Mark Bachmann